Wood Termites: what, why and how?


Termites are wood-boring insects that live in the soil, in organised colonies consisting of “soldiers”, the “workers” and sexed insects breeding more termites.

Termites are sometimes called “white ants” (not to be confused with carpenter ants, which have nothing to do with termites).

Termites attack all wood species, except some exotic varieties.
A termite infestation starts from the bottom of the building.
Different regions of Australia are unequally affected by termites: the entire city of Sydney and various municipalities, especially in the west and the south of Sydney, subject to orders of a ranking area of surveillance and control against termites.

How to detect the presence of termites?

One problem with termites is that they are very difficult to detect because they do not make noise and do not produce sawdust, unlike wood-boring insect larvae.

However, at regular intervals holes (outlet holes of termites as adults) may indicate the presence of termites.

Termites and wood legislation

Regarding the fight against pests, there is no single regulator for the whole of Australia, but for each department. Concerning termites, all departments have set up more or less similar regulations:

Any tenant or a home owner, a building or a building infested by termites, is legally required to make a declaration to the town hall. If termites have infested the common areas of a home, the declaration lies with the housing board.

In the case of sale of a house, a building or a building in an area contaminated by termites, a parasitic state older than 3 months must be annexed to the Act of sale. This parasitic state must be performed by a certified expert, having no professional with a Pest Control company.

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Termites wood preventive treatment

In new construction, the timber of the frame is guaranteed for 10 years against all insects and larvae. After that, we do make a preventive termite treatment by a professional, which will extend to ten years warranty.

One can also perform self-preventive treatment by applying a product based on wooden building elements.

Termites wood cure

The curative product has two purposes: it destroys wood termites and protects the wood against new attacks. It is done in various steps:

The removal is an indispensable step of removing any damaged wood to find healthy and hard parts. Then they must brush and dust that will facilitate penetration of the curative product.

Treatment by spray or wash.
The insecticide treatment can be sprayed or brushed. Some products are white when applied and become transparent on drying: it ensures that has treated the whole area. You must leave at least 24 hours between applications. For the section of wood less than 80 cm², this treatment is sufficient. For wood top section, there must also perform treatment by injection.

Injection treatment

The injection treatment is intended to treat the wood in depth. Holes are drilled into which then injected a powerful insecticide, but harmful to the skin.

If you intend on doing this yourself, you must be fully protected (clothing, gloves, mask) and keep strictly to the instructions.

For more  further and more detailed reading regarding termites in Australia Visit http://www.pestcontrol.org.au/DFT-NSW%20Termite%20Protection.pdf