What to look out for when buying petrol bowsers

The decision to purchase a petrol bowser can be very expensive, time consuming and confusing if not done properly. Weighing all the options is very crucial since your investment is expected to make up seventy five percent of your yearly sales. Petrol bowsers for sale can be a cheaper option but when making capital investments particularly around fueling dispensers, there are a number of key considerations that you need to take such as;

  1. Total cost of ownership

Understanding the general cost of ownership for the close to fifteen year lifespan of a petrol bowser is crucial when making a purchase. Knowing the average time between service intervals and accessibility to accredited technicians are just as important as the upfront buying price. Ease of serviceability, strong graphics and superior meter performance are other factors to consider as well.

  1. Payment security compliance

It is crucial to understand regulation’s impact on your store operations integration and back office when purchasing a petrol bowser. You need to consider the payment platform’s adaptability and its expansion for growth as most petrol bowsers for sale are susceptible to evolving regulation requirements.

  1. Legal status of the business

The proposed structure of this business entity from a legal point of view, is that of a franchise with either joint or sole proprietorship. Whilst this selection relies upon your choice, the feasibility report is usually based on the franchise having a single owner. Franchise fees are paid on a regular basis so before purchasing that petroleum bowser on sale, ensure that you have considered what amount you will have to part with in terms of taxes. A license is also required for you to be allowed to be in possession of petroleum items.

  1. Location

It is recommended that a petrol bowser should be installed next to a densely populated area while considering other compulsory inputs such as availability of water, electricity and human resource. For that reason, you should consider locating your petrol bowser in a cosmopolitan area with good infrastructure where a variety of populations will be able to access it.

  1. Driving in-store traffic

Another major consideration is driving clients from the courtyard into your store. Most of your clients will fuel and leave your site never coming inside to make heftier purchases and that is a major revenue opportunity to miss out on. Running relevant and engaging promotions at the petrol bowser is an effective way to drive customers into your store. Petrol bowsers for sale now come with integrated color screens along with audio to play engaging promotional offers and media content tied to on demand coupons. All these drive store promotion performance further than usual pump top ups.

  1. Enhanced consumer experience

Studies indicate that the average fueling transaction consists of approximately ten gallons of fuel.  This equals to an overall transaction time of up to five minutes with each client at the petrol bowser. While each client has a different need, providing the best experience for each of them is paramount to driving return visits from loyal clients. As such, a petrol bowser is a viable business option but have these factors in mind before buying one.