How do automatic gate work?

Gate operators are a mechanical device which are used to open and close gates, most often found at the end of driveways. These operators come in lots of types including hydraulic, electromagnetically or solar panels. They can be programmed to be used manually or via a wireless transmitter, both designed for swinging or sliding gate openings.

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The type and operation of a system will depend on the size and type of gate used. There are many different types of gate systems and they come in different sizes, some will swing open from a pillar of a gate post, some will slide side to side and some with slide open and close.

The majority of automatic security gates use an integrated security system with access controls have a slide mechanism. These gates usually work on an electric motor with either an AC of DC, this allows the cooling oil reduction gearbox to give power to the driving cog, this will allow the gate to drive on a steel rack. The power of the motors for an electric gate is factored by the RPM and the reduction ratio of the gear box. Swing motor power also factors in the same content and ideas but instead works on a ring gear formula and not an oil reduction box. These gears turn onto a drive shaft which elevates an arm attached via a universal joint to the electric gate. There is an option to choose a piston system if you have a swing gate but this mechanism is often slower and work on a worm gear.

Swing gates on hinges or pillars

Swing gates are hinged on posts or pillars, they may open in other directed and can be automated using an electronic system. These electronic underground systems have their motors installed below the pillar and gates in a foundation box. The motor will be connected by an invisible series of levers so the only thing visible above ground is the box and a lid. Mounted pillars or over ground systems are usually found on the back of the pillar, inside the gate. These systems can come in different varieties like Rams, linear or articulated arms, the choice depends upon the application. Articulated arms are usually used on wrought iron and rams on wooden gates.

Gates using tracks or a cantilever system

Sliding gates run along  tracks or sometimes a cantilever system. These tracks are installed width-ways across a driveway and to the side of the pillars. The gate runs over this track with the assistance of rollers, much like a train on the rails. Cantilevered gates are used when this type of track, which runs across entrances, is not wanted or is impossible (because an uneven surface for example).  These sliding mechanisms are operated by a motor and gear box, which are installed out of view and inside the gate. There are various types of motors which cater to different weights from 300kgs to 4000kgs.