Types of Solar Panel System

Are you in the market to purchase solar panels in Australia and you do not know where to start? Not too worry, Stat Tech are here to guide you through the various options available to you when it comes to buying solar panels.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels (Mono-SI)

They are made up of the purest silicon available today called the monocrystalline silicon, they are easy to spot with their uniform dark appearance and rounded edges. The Monocrystalline panels are considered premium as they have a high input, take up less space, last longer, less likely to be affected by high-temperature levels unlike the polycrystalline panels, and possess the highest efficiency of roughly around 20% and even higher in the newer model as a result of its high silicon purity. The major drawback with this panel is that it is the most expensive.

An example of a panel using Monocrystallineis this relatively cheap Off the Grid Use (Camping / Motor home) units. Visit the link below for product details:

Solar Panel 12V 200W Mono Module House Caravan Boat Camping Off Grid Use

Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Poly- SI)

These solar panels are also made up silicon even though they are considered less pure in relation to their mono-crystalline counterpart. They are commonly manufactured as blocks instead of the single crystal and their random arrangement makes them stand out individually.
After the polycrystalline silicon is melted. It is then molded into square blocks making it a more affordable system. This is particularly important to local consumers looking to purchase solar panels Melbourne, to offset the often high cost of installation.

Thin-Film Solar Cells (TFSC)

Thin Film Solar Cell is a promising technology that makes use of thin layered photovoltaic material like amorphous silicon. Cadmium Telluride or copper-indium-gallium-selenide with a base plate of glass, metal or any other substance. Often considered as less efficient and hardly used in rooftop arrays, it used for building-integrated PV systems, solar-powered calculators, and garden lamp.

Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell (A-SI)

The amorphous silicon solar cell is made by placing a thin film of silicon on a sheet of material like steel. This mode of processing ensures that the panel is formed as a single piece making each cell less visible compared to other types of solar panels. This makes it ideal for application in calculators and garden lamps, although there is an increasing usage of amorphous silicon solar on larger projects.

They have low power density making them less efficient relative to crystalline cells, they have lower power output and may require up to three times the number of panels for a standard installation using up a lot of space and they don’t last as long as the crystalline cells. However, they have the advantage of being much cheaper.

Biohybrid Solar Cell

This is a research-based solar cell discovered by an expert team at Vanderbilt University. The concept is based on photosystem 1a way to emulate the natural process of photosynthesis. To find more about it, you can check the American Journal of Optics and Photonics. The materials used to create the biohybrid solar cell are similar to those used for a standard cell with multiple layers of photosystem 1 making the conversion from chemical to electrical energy for better results up to a 1000 times efficiency compared to the first generation solar panels.

Cadmium Telluride Solar Cell (CdTe)

Cadmium telluride has managed to make a major breakthrough in terms of cost, making them the most cost-effective silicon solar panel on the market today. It operational cost ranges between 9-11%.
First Solar is the leading company in the installation of cadmium telluride thin-film solar panel with over 5 gigawatts (GW) installation.

Concentrated PV Cell (CVP and HCVP)

The concentrated PV cell has a curved mirror surface, lenses and sometimes a cooling system used to help capture the rays of the sun for better operation. The CVP is regarded as the most efficient type of solar panel with a performance range of 41% efficiency.

It is essential that the CVP is able to capture sun rays optimum performance, which is why it usually position at a perfect angle during installation. A solar tracker is usually built into the solar panel so as to track the sun’s movement for higher efficiency.

The slight changes in design and configurations significantly alter the efficiency and convenience of the solar panel system. Before settling on the system that best suit you, it is always good to review the specification of the solar panel with an expert. A skilled installation expert can always guide you to the right system that meets your requirements.

Prices for hiring crane truck in Brisbane

Crane truck hire can be a little bit difficult to find, considering the limited availability of crane trucks in some places. The price for crane truck hire services varies from place to place, as well as from company to company. In Brisbane Australia, crane trucks are hired for services such as power pole lifting, loading heavy cargo and transporting among others. There are quite a number of companies doing crane truck hire services in Brisbane with a varying approach on how they charge for their services.

The crane trucks hire rates

The rates you pay for crane truck services depend upon the criterion you choose to pay. That is, you can choose to pay for the duration (time in hours), the distance in kilometers, or the weight of your goods (mainly in tons). On hourly rates, you will pay anything between $70 to $100. For distance rates, you may be charged up to $500 for 100km distance. In the weight basis, you may pay around $20 for each ton of your load. These charges include loading and offloading of the luggage, though you may sometimes be required to pay a separate amount for the same.

Types of crane trucks to hire

Crane trucks on hire in Brisbane range from small city cranes to large all terrain cranes and forklifts. There are also the prime movers and flat-bed truck mounted cranes. So it basically depends on the kind of work you want to be done and the exact location of your work. Small crane trucks can sort your poles lifting and small cargo loading and transportation. Large crane trucks, on the other hand, can help you in handling huge cargo such as lifting vehicles and lifting heavy containers and moving tons of building materials, roofing, farming machinery and boat accessories among others.

Crane trucks hiring terms

Crane truck hire Brisbane gives you choices on various terms available to take according to your preference or the nature of work you are hiring it for. There is short-term hire which may be a single day work and long-term contract, going for months to years. In the one-day term, you may be charged on a per-hour basis or just the whole day pay. In the long term contract, you may be charged on monthly basis. This contractual term is mostly offered to freight business companies. There are the fixed terms also; where you pay a fixed amount for the services in any place within Brisbane. In other terms, the company offering the service may charge you based on the kilometers to be covered to transport your cargo.

Reliability of crane truck hire in Brisbane

Crane truck hire services can be termed as one of the most reliable services offered in the city and the surrounding regions. This is because almost all the crane truck hiring companies in Brisbane operate on the everyday basis and you can give them a call any day any time.

How do automatic gate work?

Gate operators are a mechanical device which are used to open and close gates, most often found at the end of driveways. These operators come in lots of types including hydraulic, electromagnetically or solar panels. They can be programmed to be used manually or via a wireless transmitter, both designed for swinging or sliding gate openings.

Automatic Solar Powered Swing Gate Opener Kit 2 x Remote Control 500kg 4.5M

The type and operation of a system will depend on the size and type of gate used. There are many different types of gate systems and they come in different sizes, some will swing open from a pillar of a gate post, some will slide side to side and some with slide open and close.

The majority of automatic gates use an integrated security system with access controls have a slide mechanism. These gates usually work on an electric motor with either an AC of DC, this allows the cooling oil reduction gearbox to give power to the driving cog, this will allow the gate to drive on a steel rack. The power of the motors for an electric gate is factored by the RPM and the reduction ratio of the gear box. Swing motor power also factors in the same content and ideas but instead works on a ring gear formula and not an oil reduction box. These gears turn onto a drive shaft which elevates an arm attached via a universal joint to the electric gate. There is an option to choose a piston system if you have a swing gate but this mechanism is often slower and work on a worm gear.

Swing gates on hinges or pillars


Swing gates are hinged on posts or pillars, they may open in other directed and can be automated using an electronic system. These electronic underground systems have their motors installed below the pillar and gates in a foundation box. The motor will be connected by an invisible series of levers so the only thing visible above ground is the box and a lid. Mounted pillars or over ground systems are usually found on the back of the pillar, inside the gate. These systems can come in different varieties like Rams, linear or articulated arms, the choice depends upon the application. Articulated arms are usually used on wrought iron and rams on wooden gates.

Gates using tracks or a cantilever system


Sliding gates run along  tracks or sometimes a cantilever system. These tracks are installed width-ways across a driveway and to the side of the pillars. The gate runs over this track with the assistance of rollers, much like a train on the rails. Cantilevered gates are used when this type of track, which runs across entrances, is not wanted or is impossible (because an uneven surface for example).  These sliding mechanisms are operated by a motor and gear box, which are installed out of view and inside the gate. There are various types of motors which cater to different weights from 300kgs to 4000kgs.

What Are Screw Piles And How Do They Work?

Screw piles are a type of foundation installed in the ground with minimal noise and vibration. Wounding the screw pile into the ground is an efficient way of installing them. Coupled with different dispersing load mechanisms, the screw piles can provide in-ground performance in a range of soils, including earthquake zones. They can be rapidly installed with less disturbance to the soil during installation.

How they work

The screw piles comprise of circular steel sections with helices attached to them. During installation, the screw piles cut into the soil as opposed to auguring through it. The shafts and helical flight are designed to suit the different ground conditions. Once the pile has reached the target depth, it typically filled with concrete and permanently remain in place. The protruding reinforcing can be used to increase the capacity of the pile or provide the connection to the building structure above.

How are screw piles connected?

While connecting the piles to the building, the interface between the building structure and the pile is the most important part of the design. It needs to be handled with care because the connection considers the ground and the building that the piles will be. This requires Structural and Geo-technical input.

The engineering requirement of installing the screw pile

Foundation is the most important part of a building. It makes the building strong for many years and also helps it withstand harsh conditions such as earthquakes and tornados. So it makes sense that engineer takes valuable measure when designing the foundation. There are many factors you need to consider when determining the screw pile foundation that fits your building. Some of the factors include:

  • Building plan: A building plan should show how many screw piles should be and the exact place they should be.
  • Site plan: A site plan is used to identify literal and headroom restrictions, especially when working close to adjacent buildings or inside a building. It is also used to determine the type and size of the machinery to be used during the installation process.
  • Design loads: design loads determines the type and size of the shaft used when designing the pile.

The screw pile displaces the soils as it is screwed into the ground just as a timber screw into a prank. Due to the slender shaft diameter, it’s a less likely to hit obstacles, meaning it offers maximum protection to the building.

What to look out for when buying petrol bowsers

The decision to purchase a petrol bowser can be very expensive, time consuming and confusing if not done properly. Weighing all the options is very crucial since your investment is expected to make up seventy five percent of your yearly sales. Petrol bowsers for sale can be a cheaper option but when making capital investments particularly around fueling dispensers, there are a number of key considerations that you need to take such as;

  1. Total cost of ownership

Understanding the general cost of ownership for the close to fifteen year lifespan of a petrol bowser is crucial when making a purchase. Knowing the average time between service intervals and accessibility to accredited technicians are just as important as the upfront buying price. Ease of serviceability, strong graphics and superior meter performance are other factors to consider as well.

  1. Payment security compliance

It is crucial to understand regulation’s impact on your store operations integration and back office when purchasing a petrol bowser. You need to consider the payment platform’s adaptability and its expansion for growth as most petrol bowsers for sale are susceptible to evolving regulation requirements.

  1. Legal status of the business

The proposed structure of this business entity from a legal point of view, is that of a franchise with either joint or sole proprietorship. Whilst this selection relies upon your choice, the feasibility report is usually based on the franchise having a single owner. Franchise fees are paid on a regular basis so before purchasing that petroleum bowser on sale, ensure that you have considered what amount you will have to part with in terms of taxes. A license is also required for you to be allowed to be in possession of petroleum items.

  1. Location

It is recommended that a petrol bowser should be installed next to a densely populated area while considering other compulsory inputs such as availability of water, electricity and human resource. For that reason, you should consider locating your petrol bowser in a cosmopolitan area with good infrastructure where a variety of populations will be able to access it.

  1. Driving in-store traffic

Another major consideration is driving clients from the courtyard into your store. Most of your clients will fuel and leave your site never coming inside to make heftier purchases and that is a major revenue opportunity to miss out on. Running relevant and engaging promotions at the petrol bowser is an effective way to drive customers into your store. Petrol bowsers for sale now come with integrated color screens along with audio to play engaging promotional offers and media content tied to on demand coupons. All these drive store promotion performance further than usual pump top ups.

  1. Enhanced consumer experience

Studies indicate that the average fueling transaction consists of approximately ten gallons of fuel.  This equals to an overall transaction time of up to five minutes with each client at the petrol bowser. While each client has a different need, providing the best experience for each of them is paramount to driving return visits from loyal clients. As such, a petrol bowser is a viable business option but have these factors in mind before buying one.