Why Do Bathrooms Need Glass Splashbacks?

Are you willing to protect your bathroom walls in a modern and creative way? Splashbacks are what you will need. These are highly worthwhile investments being hygienic, aesthetic and practical. 

For all these reasons, it is also crucial to choose the correct material for the splashbacks. It will ensure you are getting productive results by spending your money. Nowadays, glass splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular because of all the benefits they come with for your home.

On that note, read on to know more about splashback installations in your home.

Reasons to install splashbacks

There are wide-ranging benefits of installing splashbacks in the bathrooms. Given below are the top three reasons to install splashbacks in your bathroom.

#1 The hygiene factor

All kinds of splashbacks, regardless of the material, are usually extremely hygienic. You can wipe and clean them regularly to prevent cross-contamination. Splashbacks can keep  your bathroom safe from viruses, and germs too.

#2 The protection factor

In terms of your health protection, cladding can prevent damages to your home. Place splashbacks at the back of sinks to prevent water damage on your walls. Splashbacks also offer protection against general dirt and other marks that are expensive to fix. 

#3 The decoration factor

You can also get decorative bathroom splashback ideas on the walls. Interior designers often experiment with tiles, mosaic and other elements, especially for the bathrooms and showers. Glass splashbacks are an aesthetic element for the bathrooms. You can mix and match different colours easily. You can also place a vinyl wrap over the splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks and metal splashbacks: Which one to choose?

You can either get glass splashbacks or metal splashbacks for your bathroom. Now, glass splashbacks are widely fitted in residential apartments across the country. They are remarkably elegant and do not require high maintenance.

On the other hand, metal splashbacks are usually found in commercial kitchens. Even restaurants go for metal splashbacks because of the lustrous appearance. But metal splashbacks have a sky-rocketting price. So, you will not see them in a typical residential space.

Why are glass splashbacks best for your home?

Glass splashbacks should be your go-to option when you want them for any residential space. Given below are all the reasons why glass splashbacks are good for your bathroom.

A hygienic choice

Whether it’s bacteria, grease or water, glass remains impenetrable by all of them. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hygiene when you install glass splashbacks. Unlike tiled splashbacks, glass splashbacks have a smooth surface without crannies or nooks. Thus, cleaning glass splashbacks is not a demanding chore. You can get rid of stains and marks on the glass splashbacks by wiping them off with a cloth.

Impact and heat resistant

Splashbacks made of tough and high-quality are both not damaged by either heat or resistance. Glass splashbacks can withstand heat up to 220°c. Thus, glass splashbacks will not shatter due to excess heat. They can also remain intact under a strong blow. Thus, you will not have to stress about repairs and replacements with glass splashbacks.

Aesthetic vibes

Glass splashbacks offer you diverse choices in terms of colours. You will find all the colours that are trending in the market for home décor at present. It means that finding splashbacks that match your décor perfectly is not too challenging. Also, you can get creative with splashbacks made of glass to decorate your bathroom.

Moreover, there are light reflecting capacities in these splashbacks, which makes smaller bathrooms seem brighter and bigger.

Affordability factor

The initial price of glass splashbacks might be a bit more than splashbacks made of other materials. However, glass splashbacks are more durable than other materials as they are stronger. Tile splashbacks demand regular retiling and regrouting to look nice over the years, which also makes it an big-budget option compared to glass splashbacks.

Simplicity of installation

Glass splashbacks are simpler to install compared to tile splashbacks. They do not need mess equipment like grout and tile cutters for the installation.

The endnote

Now that you know all the reasons why your home needs glass splashbacks, start making arrangements to install it in your bathroom. You’ll love the enhanced look of your bathroom.