Tree removal dangers

Removal of trees is often necessary, and should preferably be done by an expert. However, if you do it yourself (which you should rather not do), you need to pay attention to a number of things to ensure that you do not endanger yourself and others. This takes experience and often intuition of the action of a tree when it falls.

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Trees do have a life of their own, and cutting them down could definitely be a danger to any person cutting them down. For example: you have to read what the branches could do before you start cutting the tree. This means that you have to be able to spot any situation that might arise when the tree starts to fall. Most experts would be able to read the tree and its actions, but this is also not a guarantee. An expert can inspect the tree to find the weak spots and the possible direction in which it would fall.It is important to note too, that trees and branches are extremely heavy, and can cause grave injury, death and extreme damage to property.

Using the right equipment is vital for tree felling. If the tree feller does not wear the right gear, it may lead to severe consequences. It is important to wear a hardhat to protect yourself against head injuries. When using any equipment, gloves will protect the hands against scratching and cutting, but also to have a good grip on a very heavy and active chainsaw.The chainsaw is a danger in itself, and should only be handled by and expert. Without a shield or protective glasses for the eyes, you could lose and eye, or suffer damage to your cornea, and face blindness as a result. There is also need for a special harness to anchor you when you have to climb up and clear branches first.

Rotten trees are especially dangerous as there is no way of telling which way the tree will fall when it is cut. It could also break awkwardly, and have deadly spiked splinters. If the feller is not careful, it could pose a great danger to him or bystanders even though there should not be any bystanders. The worse scenario is when the tree is located near power lines. This is cause for extra special care.

It is not recommended that any ordinary person do felling, as this is a specialised job, especially when it comes to vey high and older trees.