The 3 Best Types of Commercial Fencing

Considered an effective form of protection, commercial fencing brings many benefits. Not only does it guarantee optimal security, but it also makes it possible to delimit the territory of your building and the various accesses that appear there. So, we are going to talk about the different kinds of fences in this article and their specificities.

What exactly is a commercial fence used for?

Known for its great utility in the security system, commercial fencing is an infrastructure that a homeowner can put in place in order to keep their assets safe, especially when it comes to commercial assets. First of all, it makes it possible to limit free access to your commercial premises since it serves as a delimitation tool in the various areas of the company. Therefore, it indicates the border which separates each part of society. Thanks to its installation, it is easier to control the entry and exit of people who frequent the commercial establishment. It also makes it possible to manage the output of commercial tools in the company. Apart from its usefulness in the security system, the commercial fence also contributes to the aesthetic aspect of the company, since its design plays an important role in the design of the exterior appearance of the commercial place. This is why you should call on an expert in this field to determine the fence that is most suitable for your company while taking into account your budget.

In order to properly protect your business or your buildings, a quality fence is essential. A commercial fence may also be necessary to control access to a parking lot or to a specific area.

In the case of a prison, airport or federal building, for example, a highly secure and durable fence is essential.

But there are several options to consider before starting to install a commercial fence. What is the area to be fenced? What are the dimensions of the desired fence? What are my security and logistics needs? Do I need my fence to be transparent or opaque?

Luckily, commercial fence specialists are best suited to find you the best possible product for your needs and your budget.

What are the different types of commercial fencing?

According to the materials of manufacture, there are at least three types of commercial fence namely steel, aluminium and wood fence. Depending on your fencing needs and uses, it is necessary to choose the right model in order to ensure good security and to properly surround the warehouse.

Aluminium and steel fences

Aluminium or steel fences are perfect for various commercial, municipal or institutional projects.

The most durable, resistant and economical are chain link fences. Often used to surround baseball or tennis fields, this type of fence can also be used in a schoolyard project.

Be aware that PVC slats can be added to a chain-link fence if you want to add privacy to your installations.

To protect the facilities in a playpen, for example, you can choose an ornamental fence. Combining safety with aesthetics, this type of installation is a safe bet so as not to lose the beauty of a place.

In the case of prisons, or when you want to protect your business from prying eyes, you can opt for a steel panel fence. Completely opaque, durable and safe, this installation offers unparalleled resistance.

Barbed wire can also be installed on your fence to maximize its safety features. Depending on your needs, sliding, motorized or swing doors can also be added to your fence.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences, made with a steel or aluminium alloy, can offer a modern and rustic look to your business, municipal or commercial building, or even your sports centre.

An architectural wooden fence is an excellent solution to create a safe but also aesthetic area in municipal buildings or playgrounds.

If you were thinking of having a fence made of steel panels for its opacity, know that a wooden fence can have the same effect. And wooden structures are just as good as steel ones when it comes to durability.

Wooden fences are often used to demarcate the area dedicated to garbage cans in many homes and businesses. These fences offer an intimate, warm and noble space for the management of residual waste.

By hiring one of the best fencing contractors, your investment will be durable, secure and meet the strictest standards. Whatever your needs, a commercial fence will surely meet your most demanding expectations.