Indoor Plant Feature Walls and Indoor Plant Wall Decor Options

Indoor plant wall decor is becoming a very popular trend for homes. Not only is it beautiful and convenient but it’s also a cost-effective way to create an indoor garden. Most plants grow better with sunlight, and if your house gets less sunlight than what is needed by them, indoor plants that can happily live with artificial light are the way to go. Indoor wall decor offers just the right amount of light and colour. You can place these beautiful features in any room or hallways with the lights turned off and on during the day.

Indoor plant walls can be used for just about any decorative purpose indoors. Whether it’s to hold plants or to decorate a wall, it can add some extra zest to a lifeless space. There are many indoor plant wall decor items available on the market. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as styles and themes.

Popular Options

Indoor plant wall decor options from Atmosphy include everything from simple planters to designer vases and whole vertical gardens. Indoor wall planters come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some are round and shaped like miniature statues. Others are made from blown glass and resemble stained glass. Some indoor plant wall decor is made from natural materials such as terracotta and clay. They may even be made from recycled paper.

Wall planters have long been a way to display plants without making a mess. They are normally rectangular and made to accommodate various plant species. Some can have many different species of flowers and others may just house one or two species of plants. Wall planters are also available in a variety of sizes. Regardless of the size of the space you choose, there is sure to be a suitable indoor plant wall decor piece for your needs.

The other indoor plant wall decor options include vases. These decorative vessels can easily hold a handful of soil, seeds or other plant debris. Some vases are round and have a variety of different decorative features, while others are more simple. You can find clear vases that are reminiscent of sea kayaks or can create a water globe with multiple layered bowls of water. 

The final indoor plant wall decor option is a small collection of moss-covered rocks. Moss can be made into a decorative feature on its own or you can use it as a feature to highlight a particular species of flower. They can be used as the base of a holder for a moss-covered ceramic pot or they can be used to hold a potted variety of flowers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many indoor plant wall decor options to choose from. You should be able to easily find one that is suited to your specific tastes and needs. Once you have chosen the right indoor plant wall decor options, you can begin to add beautiful colour to space and provide a unique focal point for your indoor plant collection. With just a few simple pieces, you can transform an indoor space into a lush green environment that you will love!

There are some great indoor plant wall decor options available today that allow you to bring your favourite plants right to life. Indoor plant collections can range from houseplants to potted species. If you love plants, you can have them indoors or in a garden. Whatever your interests are, you can find beautiful indoor plant wall decor that will turn your indoor space into a beautiful exhibit of green beauty.