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Electronic Publishing Trends

This is an analysis of electronic publishing trends from the year 1970 to 2008 in the form of a chart. From the chart you can see, the term "electronic publishing" was unfamiliar to most people in 1970. Then from 1977, some people began to use it, and it gained great popularity from 1980 to 1985. The term experienced ups and downs since then. There are three prime times of the phrase, which appeared in 1985, 1988 and 1997 respectively, from its last heyday, the phrase has been used by less and less people.

Though the term "electronic publishing" is used by less people now, it doesn't necessarily mean that electronic publishing is on the decline. On the contrary, with more advanced E-books available, and with more people realize the importance of environmental protection, electronic publishing will surely gain more popularity in the future.

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Electronic Publishing

From the chart above we see rise and fall of the term "electronic publishing" in literature published between 1970 and 2008.


IDPF announces the launch of
Sarah Hilderley
April 8, 2014

LONDON, UK – 9 April 2014 (PRESS RELEASE): The IDPF is pleased to announce the launch of its new microsite –, the Community and News site for all things EPUB.

“IDPF is launching EPUBZone to broaden information resources for our members and the publishing industry at large" said Bill McCoy, Executive Director, IDPF. "Our main website will continue to focus on IDPF's work, including ongoing development of the EPUB standard, while the complementary focus of EPUBZone will be as a clearinghouse and global community for EPUB adopters and users, with an emphasis on practical information and real-world solutions.”

EPUBZone is a resource available to everyone in the publishing industry, providing a central forum for information, discussion, latest news and details of events about EPUB, the globally adopted digital publication standard. The initial focus is EPUB 3, the latest version of the standard, with articles about capabilities and best practice for creating EPUB 3 compatible content and a showcase gallery of freely downloadable sample material. In addition, there is also specific information for developers including specification updates and plans for the future.

Get involved and stay in touch! We welcome all news stories and updates of your experiences with EPUB - please share these with our community. Follow us on twitter - @EPUB3zone and help us to make this a useful and vibrant site for all EPUB users.

For further information and details about how you can contribute to this new site please contact Sarah Hilderley, Community Engagements Manager at IDPF –

Announcing EDUPUB Europe 2014 - June 19, Oslo
March 19, 2014
EDUPUB Europe 2014
will take place in Oslo, Norway, 19 June 2014.   The meeting will provide an update on current progress of the EDUPUB initiative to advance the effective adoption and use of e-textbooks and other digital learning materials by improving interoperability, accessibility, and baseline capabilities via broad adoption of enabling technical standards. 
 EDUPUB is an alliance of trade and standards organizations and other stakeholders working to establish a globally interoperable, accessible, open ecosystem for e-Textbooks and other Digital Learning Materials via EPUB 3, Educational Sector Standards and the Open Web Platform.
The workshop is co-sponsored by IDPF and IMS Global Learning and hosted by ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC36 and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences / LACE project. The agenda and registration details for the workshop are available at: .
Other upcoming EDUPUB related events will include IMS Learning Impact Leadership Institute, (May 5-8, New Orleans) which will feature an EDUPUB update panel and the IDPF Digital Book conference at BookExpo America, (May 28-29 in New York City, NY) which will have several EDUPUB sessions in its Education track.

Call for review: Public Draft of EPUB Dictionaries
March 11, 2014
The IDPF Board has approved elevation of EPUB Dictionaries ( to public draft status. EPUB Dictionaries, developed by the IDPF Dictionaries Working Group,  provides a means for authors to represent dictionary and glossary semantics in EPUB publications, allowing Reading Systems to deliver enhanced search features. Member and public review is solicited through April 12, 2014. IDPF members may submit comments via the EPUB Working Group mailing list. Members and non-members are also welcome to submit comments via email to the
working group co-chair.

EPUB 3.0.1, EPUB Indexes Now Proposed Specifications
March 11, 2014
The IDPF Board recently approved working group recommendations to advance the specifications of EPUB 3.0.1 and EPUB Indexes to Proposed Specification status. A final member and public review and comment period for both of these specifications will be open through April 30, after which the final step according to IDPF policies would be a member vote to approve as Recommended Specifications. EPUB Indexes, developed by the IDPF Indexes Working Group, defines a consistent way of encoding the structure and content of indexes in EPUB Publications. Reading Systems can exploit this encoding to offer not only the benefits of a print index but also interactive functionality and features not possible in a print book. 
EPUB 3.0.1 is a minor maintenance release update to EPUB 3.0, developed by the umbrella IDPF EPUB Working Group. It incorporate a number of corrections to errors and omissions, and updates normative references to the latest versions of dependent specifications, as detailed in 
IDPF members may submit comments on either specification via the EPUB Working Group mailing list.  Regarding EPUB 3.0.1, members and non-members are also welcome to submit comments  via the EPUB specifications
issue tracker 
or via email to the
EPUB working group co-chair. The issue tracker is also a useful source of background information on the motivation for specific changes, as is the
EPUB WG wiki.  
Regarding EPUB Indexes,  members and non-members are welcome to submit comments via email to the Indexes working group co-chair.

IDPF Workshop on EPUB Comics/Manga - March 26 (Paris)
February 27, 2014

The IDPF will hold a technical workshop on Sequential Art (Comics, Manga, Bandes dessinées, and new form)  on March 26, 2014 in Paris, France, hosted by Cap Digital, and via web meeting. The goals of this international workshop are to inform IDPF members and other interested parties about the new features for fixed-layout EPUB that have been developed by the Advanced-Hybrid Layout (AHL) Working Group, to determine what gaps may still remain in EPUB relative to requirements for digital comics and manga (such as
 interactive cutscenes and other advanced inter- and intra-page transition effects), and to reach consensus of stakeholders on an action plan to address these gaps and ensure that EPUB is a 
complete foundation for rich, interactive digital comics and manga on a global basis.
 For more information on the event and how to participate, visit the event page at .


BISG, DAISY and IDPF Launch to Showcase Reading System Conformance Site
February 19, 2014

The new website has been launched in a collaboration between the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), DAISY Consortium, and the IDPF. provides a unified home for the definitive EPUB 3 Reading System Conformance Testsuite, originally developed by the IDPF, and the next generation of the BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid, which has been revamped, via a collaboration between BISG and DAISY, from an Excel spreadsheet listing high-level features into a Web-based database with fine-grained results determined objectively via the EPUB 3 Testsuite. The initial set of results showcase conformance of over two dozen different reading systems. At launch, the four highest scoring reading systems were Readium for Chrome (82% on required EPUB 3 features, 74% overall including optional features), VitalSource Bookshelf (79.5% / 61.5% for Mac version), iBooks (77.6% / 60.6% for iOS version), and Kobo iOS App (71.4% / 61% ).  But now the race is on:  who will be the first to reach 100% conformance?

IDPF Board Member, Exec Dir Elected to Readium Foundation Board
February 18, 2014

The members of Readium Foundation (, an independent open source consortium developing software to advance adoption of EPUB and the Open Web Platform for publishing, have elected a representative Board of Directors. The initial seven directors elected by the forty members from among fifteen candidates include representatives from Bokbasen, Bluefire, Feedbooks, New York Public Library (NYPL), one independent (unaffiliated) contributor, and as well Pierre Danet (Hachette), who also serves on the IDPF Board of Directors, and Bill McCoy, Executive Director of IDPF.
 The directors subsequently elected Bill McCoy to serve as President.

IBM standardizing on EPUB to reduce digital barriers and increase mobile support
February 13, 2014

SEATTLE, WA – 13 February 2014 (PRESS RELEASE): International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a collaboration to develop a white paper highlighting lessons learned from IBM’s recent decision to support EPUB as the company’s primary packaged portable document format.

EPUB is the widely adopted open standard format, for digital publications, developed by IDPF, based on HTML5 and other technologies from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), as well as technologies from IDPF. IDPF is a trade and standards association with over 300 members in over 45 countries.  Increased client demand for mobile solutions, accessibility through the cloud, and the transformational opportunities both pose for enterprise content are the key drivers for IBM’s move to the next-generation portable document format. By standardizing on EPUB, IBM is also extending its leadership in accessibility and delivering a richer user experience and engagement.

“We applaud IBM’s innovation in adopting EPUB across the spectrum of enterprise content and in its education solutions, to create a better reading experience for its content across devices and the spectrum of individual needs,” said Bill McCoy, Executive Director, IDPF. “We look forward to collaborating to showcase lessons learned by a global IT leader in order to help other enterprises and content publishers move digital publishing onto the Open Web Platform.”

IBM also recently joined IDPF as well as the Readium Foundation, a consortium formed last year to develop open source tools libraries to accelerate adoption of the latest IDPF standards and bootstrap the development of compatible reading solutions. Over 40 industry leaders, including IBM, are contributing funds, people, and technology to advance the Readium effort. IBM will also be promoting EPUB based workflows in its IT solutions for e-learning and education publishing.

“We are now in an age of extreme multichannel publishing which makes open web technologies and standards that are based on them such as EPUB more important than ever.” said Frank Gilbane, Founder of Bluebill Advisors and the Gilbane Conference. "EPUB has already become a critical component of publishing industry infrastructure for book publishing and is especially interesting for modern textbooks and other collaborative book applications. IBM’s adoption of EPUB for enterprise documents is a significant endorsement for using EPUB for a much broader set of enterprise content applications.”

“Accessibility and other EPUB features will redefine what we know as textbooks by expanding its utility to all students, including those with speech, hearing or vision challenges, to ensure they have the same opportunities to gain skills and training to compete in the 21st-century workforce,” said Michael D. King, Vice President, Global Education Industry at IBM. “By having digital content available on mobile devices of their choice, we can create more engagement from students, while also helping teachers teach in the digital world that students live and play.

For additional statements of support for this announcement, please see the quote sheet at Learn more about
IBM’s accessibility initiatives and join the discussion with IBM on
LinkedIn, and
Google+. [UPDATE (Feb. 14): IBM published their own online article 
 about the initiative.]

IDPF Elects New Board Members
February 8, 2014

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) membership has elected eight board members, including five new directors and three re-elected Incumbents. A record 65% of eligible IDPF member organizations cast votes in this election.  Directors elected in this cycle are:

Paul Belfanti - Pearson Angela Bole - Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)  [INCUMBENT] Leslie Hulse - HarperCollins Publishers 
[INCUMBENT] Rick Johnson - VItal Source Technologies Bill Kasdorf - Apex Covantage Liisa McCloy-Kelley - Penguin Random House 
Len Vlahos - Book Industry Study Group (BISG) Junichi Yoshii - Kodansha
The newly elected directors join six incumbent directors whose 2-year terms will complete at the end of this year. A motion to reduce the quorum threshold for IDPF votes (from 50% to 25% of eligible members) passed overwhelmingly, with 84% in favor of the change and 6% opposed.

IDPF Digital Book 2014 at BEA Expands to Two Full Days, Adds BISG Making Information Pay
December 17, 2013
IDPF Digital Book 2014 conference will take place May 28-29 at NYC Javits Center during BookExpo America, and is now open for early-bird registration at The longest-running digital publishing conference in the industry will this year expand to two full days and add significant new "Big Data" content with the colocation of BISG Making Information Pay as a new track on the afternoon of May 29 (see joint press release at ). 
The perenially sold-out IDPF event is the premier digital event at BEA, North America's largest book-industry trade show, and has hosted hundreds of key speakers including bestselling authors Malcolm Gladwell, Bella Andre, Seth Godin, Sylvia Day and more; C-suite experts such as Madeline McIntosh, COO of Penguin Random House, Chantal Restivo-Alessi, CDO of HarperCollins, Jane Friedman, CEO of Open Road Integrated Media, Richard Charkin, Executive Director of Bloomsbury, Otis Chandler, CEO and Founder of Goodreads; as well as leading authorities from Aptara, Apex Content Solutions, Baker and Taylor, Barnes and Noble, Copia, Google, Gutenberg Technology, Ingram, Kobo, Monotype, OverDrive, SPi Global, and many more.
Current Platinum Sponsors of IDPF Digital Book 2014 include Ingram Content Group and SPi Global. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and to register, visit Follow us on Twitter @digitalbook14.