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Electronic Publishing Trends

This is an analysis of electronic publishing trends from the year 1970 to 2008 in the form of a chart. From the chart you can see, the term "electronic publishing" was unfamiliar to most people in 1970. Then from 1977, some people began to use it, and it gained great popularity from 1980 to 1985. The term experienced ups and downs since then. There are three prime times of the phrase, which appeared in 1985, 1988 and 1997 respectively, from its last heyday, the phrase has been used by less and less people.

Though the term "electronic publishing" is used by less people now, it doesn't necessarily mean that electronic publishing is on the decline. On the contrary, with more advanced E-books available, and with more people realize the importance of environmental protection, electronic publishing will surely gain more popularity in the future.

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Electronic Publishing

From the chart above we see rise and fall of the term "electronic publishing" in literature published between 1970 and 2008.


IDPF Board candidate: Junichi Yoshii, Kodansha (INCUMBENT)
May 26, 2016

Currently being one of the board members of IDPF, I believe I would extend my service continued to be an asset to the IDPF Board for the following reasons:

I trust IDPF is interested in expanding adoption of EPUB 3 and its extensions in magazines and educational publications in addition to the general trade publishing. My advocacy of EUB 3 will only support IDPF’s interest in the Japanese publishing industry.

For the past two years, I have served IDPF as a board member to extend interest in EPUB particularly in the Japanese as well as Asia’s publishing and its related industries. I have coordinated IDPF and Readium related functions as one of the key principals such as at EDUPUB Tokyo in September 2014.

I have solely dedicated my efforts in digital publishing in the past two decades. My experiences at the Japanese organizations as well as in the international joint venture (Random House Kodansha) should contribute to EPUB 3 expansion in Japan and in the world.

With a strong support from the Japanese government, Japanese publishing industry is intending to expand the publishing efforts to the global market including US, Europe and Asia more than ever. IDPF needs a strategic and strong initiative in the Japanese publishing industry. I can assume such position and will be able to effectively contribute to the board of the organization.  
Primary representative of the Japanese publishing industry

I represent the following IDPF member organizations in the Japanese publishing industry:
Kodansha Co., Ltd. (“Kodansha”)
The Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan (“EBPAJ”)
Digital Comic Association (“DCA”) 
Japan Electronic Publishing Association (“JEPA”)

As a primary representative of the above prominent Japanese publishing organizations, I will fully represent Japanese publishers interest in general trade publishing content (EBPAJ), Manga (DCA) as well as magazines (Kodansha). Thus, if elected to an IDPF Board position, I will serve to contribute further adoptions of EPUB 3 with any extension of the format in the Japanese publishing industry in all. 

It is anticipated that Japanese publications including Manga and general trade content and magazines will be distributed to U.S. and other parts of the world in the coming years. IDPF can leverage such global expansion of the Japanese publications contained in EPUB 3 to the growth of the format in the various parts of the world.
My profile and position as being a candidate to IDPF Board Member

Name: Juinichi Yoshi (Mr.) Age: 59 (Born: August 12, 1956)

I have served for the following organizations and the positions to date:
Kodansha(1980 to present: Executive Director)
Toyokuni Printing (2007 to present: Chairman of Advisory Board)
o (2005 to present: Board Member)
Voyager Japan (2004 to present: Board Member)
Japan Digital Library Service (2013 to present: Board Member)
Content Works (2001 to 2007: President)
Random House Kodansha (2003 to 2007: Supervisory Board Member)
Publishing Link (2003 to 2007: Board Member)

IDPF can leverage my extensive knowledge and expertise in eBooks for the continued growth of EPUB. 

My publishing background below should directly contribute to IDPF:
17 years+ experiences as a magazine editor.
10 years+ administrative experiences in technology and business development of digital publishing /operations at Kodansha.
6 yeas of being CEO/Chairman of Toyokuni Printing, a subsidiary of Kodansha, specializing in digital publishing productions, data storage and distribution, metadata.
Knowledge and expertise as being at executive positions of various publishing enterprises as listed above.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the further development of EPUB.
Junichi Yoshii 

IDPF Board candidate: Bill Kasdorf, Apex CoVantage (INCUMBENT)
May 24, 2016

I have been committed for my entire career to helping to develop and promote interoperable standards for the publishing industry. I have written and spoken extensively on this throughout the development of SGML, XML, OEB PS, and EPUB, as well as the constituent standards on which they're based and the standards that are based on them. Most recently, I have conducted seminars and presentations over the past two years in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and elsewhere on the topic of "The Grand Convergence," discussing how the publishing standards ecosystem is gradually converging, transitioning from formerly proprietary or sector-based standards to truly interoperable, non-proprietary, accessible, sector-agnostic standards. While this convergence is far from complete, the proposed combination of the IDPF and the W3C is the most prominent confirmation of this important trend. I have been privileged to serve both on the IDPF's EPUB 3 Working Group and the W3C's Digital Publishing Interest Group since their inceptions, enabling me to become intimately familiar with this important convergence from both sides first hand.

One of the priorities I have emphasized, and one area where I believe my contributions have been particularly helpful, is in fostering cross-sector understanding and collaboration. It is important for work being done in one sector to be done with knowledge of—and, ideally, collaboration with—work being done in others. This work, too, is far from complete: there is still a frustrating lack of awareness of such efforts between sectors. It's important for work being done in one sector to be aware both of the accomplishments and of the failures or limitations of related work being done in others. I have therefore deliberately become involved in such work in several important sectors—books, journals, magazines, and the news industry. I am grateful that this work has been recognized by my having received the Industry Champion Award from the Book Industry Study Group, the Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Scholarly Publishing (which has an emphasis on journals), and the Luminaire Award from Idealliance, the primary standards organization for magazines.

At this critical juncture in our industry, when the proposed combination of the IDPF and W3C is being considered and—whether or not that combination occurs—the publication and web standards governed by those organizations are continuing to converge, I believe I can make an important contribution as a member of the IDPF Board of Directors. I respectfully request your support and your vote.


Bill Kasdorf, General Editor of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing, is Vice President and principal consultant of Apex Content Solutions, a leading supplier of data conversion, editorial, production, and content enhancement services to publishers and other organizations worldwide. Past President of the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP), Bill is a recipient of SSP’s Distinguished Service Award, the IDEAlliance/DEER Luminaire Award, and the Book Industry Study Group’s Industry Champion Award.

Active in many standards initiatives, Bill serves on the Board of Directors of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and is a member of the IDPF Working Group responsible for the EPUB 3 standard. He is also an active member of the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group, which is working to advance the Open Web Platform to better address the full breadth of publishing needs. He is Apex’s delegate to the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), which governs many standards for image and video metadata as well as rights metadata and other standards for the news industry, and is Chair of the BISG Content Structure Committee, which is responsible for the BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid and publishes resources for the book industry. He is an active member of the EDUPUB Alliance, an international collaboration advancing standards for educational content; the IDEAlliance Tech Council, focused on PRISM and other standards for the magazine industry; and the SSP Annual Meeting Committee and Organizational Collaboration Committee for the scholarly publishing industry.

Bill has led seminars, written articles, and spoken widely for publishing industry organizations such as SSP, O’Reilly TOC, NISO, BISG, IDPF, DBW, AAP, AAUP, ALPSP, STM, ALA, Publishing Business, Seybold Seminars, and the Library of Congress. Most recently, he is the author of the chapter on EPUB metadata and packaging for O’Reilly’s EPUB 3 Best Practices and the chapter on EPUB in the bookThe Critical Component: Standards in Information Distribution, published by the American Library Association in collaboration with NISO.

In his consulting practice, Bill has served clients globally, including large international publishers such as Pearson, Cengage, Wolters Kluwer, and Sage; scholarly presses and societies such as Harvard, Cambridge, MIT, Toronto, Taylor & Francis, ASME, and IEEE; aggregators such as CourseSmart and netLibrary; and global publishing and library organizations such as the World Bank, the British Library, the Asian Development Bank, OCLC, and the European Union.

IDPF Board candidate: Rick Johnson, Ingram Content Group (INCUMBENT)
May 24, 2016
VitalSource and Ingram have long been a supporter of the IDPF and the EPUB standard.  Our role in accepting and delivering content spans the globe, and touches every channel.  VitalSource, in particular, has lead the conversation and championed the work to bring EPUB3 into the education channel.  Our support for EPUB3 has been highly public, consistent, and forward looking.
In my service on the board I have represented both the detailed interests within various working groups, and well as the strategic needs of the channels and markets that I represent.  The EPUB for Education (EDUPUB) profile has been a particular focus, as I have co-authored portions of the specification, and driven to deliver reference implementations to showcase its functionality, and benefits.  Our accessibility work in driving the EPUB standards has been demonstrated by our 100% results in the fundamental test suites for our reading system applications.  We have also recently released an authoring platform for EPUB3 content that drives all of the initiatives forward, by making them automatic, mainstreamed, and easily used.
My desire to continue to serve on the board of the IDPF is to help further the vision of interoperability within the Education marketplace, drive the mainstream implementations of accessible content, reading systems, and authoring systems, and to be an accelerant to the process, bringing velocity where it is needed to drive adoption and interoperability.
About Rick:
Rick Johnson is the Vice President of Product Strategy, and one of the founders of VitalSource Technologies, Inc.  Now a division of the Ingram Content Group, VitalSource is the maker of Bookshelf®, the most widely used platform for delivery of electronic textbooks in the world.  As VP of Product, Rick manages the strategic direction of the fast growing platform, guiding the architecture, and implementation of its clients and systems.
Rick's career has been focused on bringing together his three passions: technology, publishing, and education.  He is a frequent speaker on electronic textbooks, their integration into an institutional environment, and how the accessibility needs of individual students can best be accommodated in their delivery.  He has served on multiple committees addressing the needs around delivering accessible content to students, was a member of the working groups responsible for version 2 and version 3 of the EPUB standard, currently serves on the board of directors for IMSGlobal ( and the IDPF (, and is the co-inventor of 3 domestic and international patents dealing with electronic books and their distribution.
Prior to Ingram and VitalSource, Rick spent more than 12 years with Apple Computer, Inc.  As a Senior National Consulting Engineer for them he was instrumental in the implementation of complex solutions for many higher education and corporate customers, and received numerous national and international awards.
A graduate of the communication and business departments of Biola University in 1984, Rick has lived in the Phoenix area with his family since they moved from Southern California in 1991.  Married to his wife Susie for more than 30 years, together they have raised two children, and are very active in their church and community.  Rick also serves on the board of directors for several non-profit ministries.

IDPF Board candidate: Paul Belfanti, Jones & Bartlett Learning (INCUMBENT)
May 19, 2016
Please consider my application for a renewed term on the IDPF Board of Directors. I believe that my experience as a board member these past two years positions me to make significant contributions as the board considers the merits of a combination with W3C along with other key issues related to IDPF’s ongoing mission of fostering global adoption of an open, accessible, interoperable digital publishing ecosystem. 
I am passionate about the power of standards like EPUB to be the foundation of product and service innovation that will transform the publishing landscape and enrich end-user experiences for years to come. As a driver of and evangelist for the EDUPUB Alliance, and chair of the BISG EDUPUB Work Group I have shown commitment and enthusiasm to the advancement of OWP and industry standards and will continue to collaborate on strategies that advance adoption of, and the most effective development path for, these important standards.
Thank you,
Paul Belfanti
Vice President, Production & Content Architecture
Jones & Bartlett Learning

IDPF Announces Open Nominations for Board of Directors
May 19, 2016

Nominations are now open for eight seats on the IDPF Board of Directors.
The IDPF Board (fourteen members including the President) is elected by the members to manage the organization’s business and affairs. This includes developing the vision and strategic plan and providing oversight and direction to staff and volunteers carrying out the work.
Directors serve two-year terms. At least one new Director will be elected, as one seat in this class is vacant. Self-nominations are due by May 31, 2016 5:00pm U.S. ET and are open to anyone who is or becomes an IDPF member organization's Primary Representative. Please email your intention to run together with a self-nomination statement to


Being a board member of the IDPF is a significant commitment. The Board and executive staff currently meet monthly via teleconference, and usually twice a year in a face-to-face meeting, along with additional collaboration as needed. Board time and expenses are not reimbursed. Prospective members should be leaders in their organizations and have a clear understanding of one or more segments of the digital publishing industry. Familiarity with EPUB and related technologies is helpful; however specific technical expertise is not required. Board meetings are conducted in English with accommodations for non-native English speakers. Remote meetings are scheduled to facilitate participation across multiple time zones.


As recently
, the IDPF and the W3C are exploring a potential combination and are in the process of soliciting member feedback. The timing of this election was adjusted to support members’ and candidates’ informed participation in this process, and the Board Nominating Committee (optional in our
but used in 2014 and 2015) will be inactive during this cycle.


The expectation is that a final decision to approve any combination would be by member vote, to be called for by the Board if deemed appropriate after further communication, feedback, and consideration. The Board’s decision whether to call for such a vote will be made after a period of communication (expected to continue at least through mid-July) thus after newly elected board members are seated. Candidates should therefore be prepared to be actively involved in the process, and candidates are urged to begin that process now by participating in the
information sharing
that the IDPF Board and leadership are engaging in with members.


Self-nomination statements will be published to the IDPF website upon receipt. Candidates will have the option to modify their statements at any time until the conclusion of the election process. The Board election will be open from June 1 through June 17, 2016.


FAQ for IDPF Members About Potential Combination with W3C Now Available
May 10, 2016

A preliminary FAQ targeted for IDPF Members is now available at For the full press release on plans to explore a W3C and IDPF combination see here. For public FAQ please see

IDPF will be holding an open meeting at BEA tomorrow, the 11th of May from 2-4pm in location W196. All IDPF members and other interested parties are invited to attend this open member meeting. Come and meet the IDPF staff, hear about the latest IDPF activities including recent and upcoming developments with the EPUB standard and learn how you can get more involved. All registered attendees are welcome.



World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) Explore Plans to Combine
May 10, 2016
Web Inventor and W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee shares vision of Publishing on the Web in his keynote address at IDPF DigiCon at BEA 2016 — 10 May, Chicago, IL, USA —The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) announced today mutual interest in combining their respective organizations to more quickly advance publishing technologies on the Open Web Platform.

Tim Berners-Lee, Web Inventor and W3C Director, and Bill McCoy, IDPF Executive Director unveiled the plans following Berners-Lee’s keynote address at IDPF DigiCon at Book Expo America 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

“We share an exciting vision for W3C and IDPF to fully align the publishing industry and core Web technology. This will create a rich media environment for digital publishing that opens up new possibilities for readers, authors, and publishers,” said Berners-Lee.

“Think about educational text books. The book content we know today is becoming highly interactive and accessible with links to videos and images from actual historical events and original research data. This provides greater authenticity and a more engaging learning environment for teachers and students,” Berners-Lee commented.

"Whether it's EPUB content or social marketing and reader engagement, Web technologies are foundational to enabling digital content to be created, distributed globally, and viewed on any Web-enabled device as well as dedicated reading apps and eReader devices," McCoy said.

Combining W3C and IDPF Resources Will Achieve Publishing on the Web Vision

Following the announcement, representatives from W3C and IDPF explained that for three years, members from their respective communities have been collaborating to identify how the publishing industry’s technology and expertise can improve the Web, and how Web technologies can create greater opportunities for the publishing industry.

“I’m enthusiastic about the prospect of joining forces with W3C. The IDPF’s track record of success in developing EPUB standards for the publishing industry will be complemented by W3C’s expertise in Web standards that enable accessible rich media,” said George Kerscher, President of the IDPF.

Dr. Jeff Jaffe, W3C CEO, concurred, “With the full participation of the digital publishing community as well as the core web platform developers we accelerate the development of technology standards. Early Web technologies did not meet the rigorous needs of authors and publishers whose curated content is crafted into books, journals and magazines with enhanced styling.”

Next Steps

The next steps in the process of combining the two organizations include soliciting comments from the respective memberships of W3C and IDPF and drafting a Memorandum of Understanding. Pending support from both memberships, completion of legal review, and the positive resolution of specific details, the goal is to combine the two organizations by January of 2017. The future evolution of EPUB technical standards would continue at W3C, along with broader work to improve publishing features across the entire Open Web Platform.

About the World Wide Web Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop

Web standards. W3C primarily pursues its mission through the creation of Web standards and guidelines designed to ensure long-term growth and stewardship for the Web. Over 400 organizations are Members of the Consortium.

W3C is jointly run by the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL) in the United States, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) headquartered in France, Keio University in Japan and Beihang University in China. W3C has Offices in Australia; the Benelux countries; Brazil; Finland; France; Germany and Austria; Greece; Hungary; India; Italy; Korea; Morocco; Russia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; and the United Kingdom and Ireland. For more information see 

About the International Digital Publishing Forum

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is the global trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing and digital content consumption. IDPF members include publishers, technology firms, other industry associations, and government and educational organizations. IDPF is the developer of the EPUB standard format for interchange and distribution of digital publications. An FAQ about the proposed combination targeted for IDPF members is also available.

End Press Release

Media Contact

Karen Myers, W3C <> Mobile: 1.978.502.6218

Sarah Hilderley, IDPF Director of Communications <>  

IDPF Open Member Meeting and EPUB Update - Wed 11 May 2-4pm

All IDPF members and other interested parties are invited to attend this open member meeting. Come meet the IDPF staff, hear about the latest IDPF activities including recent and upcoming developments with the EPUB standard and learn how you can get more involved. All registered attendees are welcome.

Location: W196

Second Editor's Draft of EPUB 3.1 Available for Review
Markus Gylling, CTO, IDPF & Chair EPUB 3 WG
April 26, 2016

The EPUB 3 Working Group is pleased to announce that the second Editor's Draft of EPUB 3.1 is now available for community review. The previous Editors Draft, published in January, included some potentially controversial changes, in effect as 'trial balloons". Based on community feedback, some of these proposed changes have now been modified or redacted. A set of new proposed features have also been added in this draft, including the first draft of the EPUB Accessibility specification. The draft also clarifies the prioritization of Author and User styles.

For more information about changes in the new Editors Draft, please refer to the EPUB 3.1 Changes from 3.0.1 document. Those affiliated with IDPF member organizations are encouraged to join the IDPF EPUB Working Group email list to participate directly in the development process; feedback can also be provided via the IDPF GitHub issue tracker.

IDPF Member Meeting May 11 at BEA Chicago
April 18, 2016

The IDPF will host a special meeting for members at BEA 2016 (Chicago) on Wednesday, May 11 after the conclusion of our May 10-11 IDPF DigiCon conference. The meeting will take place from 2:00 to 4:00pm in McCormick Place room W196. All those who register for the IDPF DigiCon event as IDPF members will be automatically admitted to the member meeting. If you would like to attend the member meeting only (i.e. are not attending IDPF DigiCon) please RSVP your name and membership affiliation to . The meeting agenda will include an overview of the status and roadmap for EPUB standards and adoption, and important information on cross-organization collaborations. While it is not anticipated that any formal decisions will be taken, this is a member meeting and as such will not be open to the press or public. Additional information regarding this event was recently provided to each member organization's primary representative.

IDPF DigiCon @BEA Announces Speakers and Sessions - Register Now for Early Bird Savings
April 2, 2016

IDPF DigiCon @BEA (fka Digital Book) has been hailed as the absolutely critical, best value and most informative conference in the industry, attracting an audience of nearly 1,000 professionals annually, of which 60% are C-Suite executives, senior directors, or above.

The 2016 IDPF DigiCon @BEA will be held at the McCormick Center in Chicago from May 10-11, 2016.  For complete program details and for early bird savings, click here.

Our highly-acclaimed roster of speakers includes keynoter Sir Tim Berners-Lee (W3C), Michael Tamblyn (Rakuten Kobo), Rick Anderson (President-Elect, Society for Scholarly Publishing), Sean Callahan (LinkedIn), Debra Deyan (Deyan Audio), Keith Michael Fiels (Exec. Director, ALA), Michael Healy (Copyright Clearance Center), Phil Madans (Hachette Book Group), Liisa McCloy-Kelley (Penguin Random House), Dominique Raccah (SourceBooks), and many more highly-regarded technologists, librarians, University Press experts and entrepreneurs.

Join your colleagues as we take a deep dive into all things Digital: The Channels, The Formats and The Opportunities. Channel-focused topics will include retail, education, online communities, international, mobile, data, websites, content usage, and digital platforms; formats-focused topics will discuss EPUB for Education (fka EDUPUB), EPUB 3, audio formats, accessible publishing, subscription, data, rights and licensing. Opportunities explored will include the science of metadata, case studies, lending, standards, best practices, what's ahead and much more.

The IDPF welcomes the Society of Scholarly Publishers (SSP) and its members as our 2016 conference partner. We are pleased to include much greater coverage of scholarly publishing and look forward to meeting hundreds of our new SSP colleagues at IDPF DigiCon @BEA.

Visit for a complete look at the comprehensive program and speaker roster. Registration includes FREE ACCESS to BookExpo America. Register now.

Limited sponsorship opportunities remain. For inquiries, please contact Wendy Erman Wels at