Why Do Bathrooms Need Glass Splashbacks?

Are you willing to protect your bathroom walls in a modern and creative way? Splashbacks are what you will need. These are highly worthwhile investments being hygienic, aesthetic and practical. 

For all these reasons, it is also crucial to choose the correct material for the splashbacks. It will ensure you are getting productive results by spending your money. Nowadays, glass splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular because of all the benefits they come with for your home.

On that note, read on to know more about splashback installations in your home.

Reasons to install splashbacks

There are wide-ranging benefits of installing splashbacks in the bathrooms. Given below are the top three reasons to install splashbacks in your bathroom.

#1 The hygiene factor

All kinds of splashbacks, regardless of the material, are usually extremely hygienic. You can wipe and clean them regularly to prevent cross-contamination. Splashbacks can keep  your bathroom safe from viruses, and germs too.

#2 The protection factor

In terms of your health protection, cladding can prevent damages to your home. Place splashbacks at the back of sinks to prevent water damage on your walls. Splashbacks also offer protection against general dirt and other marks that are expensive to fix. 

#3 The decoration factor

You can also get decorative bathroom splashback ideas on the walls. Interior designers often experiment with tiles, mosaic and other elements, especially for the bathrooms and showers. Glass splashbacks are an aesthetic element for the bathrooms. You can mix and match different colours easily. You can also place a vinyl wrap over the splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks and metal splashbacks: Which one to choose?

You can either get glass splashbacks or metal splashbacks for your bathroom. Now, glass splashbacks are widely fitted in residential apartments across the country. They are remarkably elegant and do not require high maintenance.

On the other hand, metal splashbacks are usually found in commercial kitchens. Even restaurants go for metal splashbacks because of the lustrous appearance. But metal splashbacks have a sky-rocketting price. So, you will not see them in a typical residential space.

Why are glass splashbacks best for your home?

Glass splashbacks should be your go-to option when you want them for any residential space. Given below are all the reasons why glass splashbacks are good for your bathroom.

A hygienic choice

Whether it’s bacteria, grease or water, glass remains impenetrable by all of them. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hygiene when you install glass splashbacks. Unlike tiled splashbacks, glass splashbacks have a smooth surface without crannies or nooks. Thus, cleaning glass splashbacks is not a demanding chore. You can get rid of stains and marks on the glass splashbacks by wiping them off with a cloth.

Impact and heat resistant

Splashbacks made of tough and high-quality are both not damaged by either heat or resistance. Glass splashbacks can withstand heat up to 220°c. Thus, glass splashbacks will not shatter due to excess heat. They can also remain intact under a strong blow. Thus, you will not have to stress about repairs and replacements with glass splashbacks.

Aesthetic vibes

Glass splashbacks offer you diverse choices in terms of colours. You will find all the colours that are trending in the market for home décor at present. It means that finding splashbacks that match your décor perfectly is not too challenging. Also, you can get creative with splashbacks made of glass to decorate your bathroom.

Moreover, there are light reflecting capacities in these splashbacks, which makes smaller bathrooms seem brighter and bigger.

Affordability factor

The initial price of glass splashbacks might be a bit more than splashbacks made of other materials. However, glass splashbacks are more durable than other materials as they are stronger. Tile splashbacks demand regular retiling and regrouting to look nice over the years, which also makes it an big-budget option compared to glass splashbacks.

Simplicity of installation

Glass splashbacks are simpler to install compared to tile splashbacks. They do not need mess equipment like grout and tile cutters for the installation.

The endnote

Now that you know all the reasons why your home needs glass splashbacks, start making arrangements to install it in your bathroom. You’ll love the enhanced look of your bathroom.

Inject Some Colour Into Your Home Through Painting

A house is among the most treasured possessions that you can own, and it’s only natural that you strive to do anything possible to make sure that it’s lovely and looks nice. One of the ways you can change the appearance of your house is through painting or renovating it. By painting the interior and exterior, walls are given a new impression. 

House painting makes the house look better and protects it from damage caused by severe weather, rust, water, corrosion, and insects. It also helps in increasing the value of the house. You will also feel good to own a beautiful home. Lets paint your place will offer you great service when it comes to painting your home.

Why Invest In Painting

It is only natural for you to look at painting your home from an investor’s perspective. This is because it is a costly affair, and you are sure to feel the financial pinch when you decide to paint your home. Here are ample reasons which emphasize why you should paint your house.

Revive The Style of Your Home

You will be able to refresh the style of your house and give it a new look and feel. The house will feel fresh and colourful once again.

Raise Home Value

Since the colours of the walls are no longer faded, the overall condition of the house is greatly improved. Your house value will go up.

Enhanced Cleanliness

Quality paint gets rid of dirt and dust from the walls. Your home will look and appear cleaner.

Protect The Walls

Painting gives your walls protection from exterior damage. The exterior look is also greatly enhanced.

Regular Maintenance

Painting is an excellent way of maintaining your home. It keeps the house from looking dull and dirty. Painting also ensures that the house always looks its best.

Great Returns

It is an excellent investment, and you are sure to get your money back if you decide to sell your home. The costs you incur will give you impressive returns.

How To Choose The Best Colour

When it comes to painting the house, it’s like giving your home a makeover; therefore, you need to ensure that you are doing it according to the changing trends, colours, and designs. It might be a bit hard to know where to get started, but there are many resources that you can use to get the correct information. It will also ensure that you do the right thing for your house. 

Different house designs go well with other colours; you will need to know the difference between exterior and interior house painting. Putting the various parameters into consideration will act as your guide in ensuring that you choose the correct choice of paint for both sides.

You can use online tools to explore different colours and see how well they blend. You will need to know whether you need a glossy finish or a flat finish, and this will be portrayed by the type of paint you choose. Professional painters can help you select suitable options based on your house design.

If you own a small house, pastel shades make it look spacious because they reflect a lot of light. We have different colours that represent different themes and energies. When you understand the different colours and what they present, it becomes easier to make a choice. 

You will know which colours make a room look cool or warm, which ones make the room look dull, calming, or happy. Do not be afraid to go for bold colours; ensure that you blend them with the surroundings, whether it’s the furniture or the environment.

Painting the house yourself might seem like a great idea and an exciting experience, but you have to understand that painting is a long-term value addition to your home. It’s not something that you can change now and then. It is also a timely and expensive process; therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a professional painter.

Painting is an excellent investment since it plays a significant role in ensuring that your house is more attractive. Your home is also protected from damages, and even if they occur, you will not cough up a lot of money to sort them out. You will also feel happy staying in a clean-looking environment.

Indoor Plant Feature Walls and Indoor Plant Wall Decor Options

Indoor plant wall decor is becoming a very popular trend for homes. Not only is it beautiful and convenient but it’s also a cost-effective way to create an indoor garden. Most plants grow better with sunlight, and if your house gets less sunlight than what is needed by them, indoor plants that can happily live with artificial light are the way to go. Indoor wall decor offers just the right amount of light and colour. You can place these beautiful features in any room or hallways with the lights turned off and on during the day.

Indoor plant walls can be used for just about any decorative purpose indoors. Whether it’s to hold plants or to decorate a wall, it can add some extra zest to a lifeless space. There are many indoor plant wall decor items available on the market. You can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as styles and themes.

Popular Options

Indoor plant wall decor options from Atmosphy include everything from simple planters to designer vases and whole vertical gardens. Indoor wall planters come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some are round and shaped like miniature statues. Others are made from blown glass and resemble stained glass. Some indoor plant wall decor is made from natural materials such as terracotta and clay. They may even be made from recycled paper.

Wall planters have long been a way to display plants without making a mess. They are normally rectangular and made to accommodate various plant species. Some can have many different species of flowers and others may just house one or two species of plants. Wall planters are also available in a variety of sizes. Regardless of the size of the space you choose, there is sure to be a suitable indoor plant wall decor piece for your needs.

The other indoor plant wall decor options include vases. These decorative vessels can easily hold a handful of soil, seeds or other plant debris. Some vases are round and have a variety of different decorative features, while others are more simple. You can find clear vases that are reminiscent of sea kayaks or can create a water globe with multiple layered bowls of water. 

The final indoor plant wall decor option is a small collection of moss-covered rocks. Moss can be made into a decorative feature on its own or you can use it as a feature to highlight a particular species of flower. They can be used as the base of a holder for a moss-covered ceramic pot or they can be used to hold a potted variety of flowers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many indoor plant wall decor options to choose from. You should be able to easily find one that is suited to your specific tastes and needs. Once you have chosen the right indoor plant wall decor options, you can begin to add beautiful colour to space and provide a unique focal point for your indoor plant collection. With just a few simple pieces, you can transform an indoor space into a lush green environment that you will love!

There are some great indoor plant wall decor options available today that allow you to bring your favourite plants right to life. Indoor plant collections can range from houseplants to potted species. If you love plants, you can have them indoors or in a garden. Whatever your interests are, you can find beautiful indoor plant wall decor that will turn your indoor space into a beautiful exhibit of green beauty.

How to Choose a Bin Hire Company

If you are looking for an effective way to manage your wastes, then bin hire might be the best way to go. This way, you will be sure to get rid of all your rubbish quickly and easily. It is inevitable to have waste, especially for any functioning home or office. As long as activities are taking place, then something is sure to be considered as waste. Unlike before, whereby one could easily pile up waste on their yards nowadays, there are better and proper ways to manage waste. You can get someone to do the dirty work for you literally as they decide on your waste’s best recycling options.

Bin hire has become an easier option for most people, and many people are adopting it. There are different types of bins available for hire, depending on your need. You will be allocated the right size for your use. Nowadays, most bins come installed with a ramp for easy access and use when you want to dispose of waste. You can hire several bins depending on your need, and having them delivered to your place will be no hassle at all. Bins are also environmentally friendly and clean.

For most people getting bin hire services is so that they can go about their tasks with ease. This is why many factors have to be considered when selecting a company that will handle waste removal for them. Some factors to consider are;

Charges and Billing

Confirm the different types of payment methods that they have. This is vital in instances where you don’t have hard cash with you. It will also help you to plan their payment so that neither party is inconvenienced. They should also be able to offer you affordable services that will suit your budget.

Delivery and Collection

The company should give a timeframe of when they will deliver the bins and when they collect the waste. This will help you plan yourself accordingly and know how to store the waste properly and neatly until it is collected. They should be fast and reliable.


An experienced company will be able to handle your needs with ease. They have the expertise required when it comes to waste management. This is mind settling for any potential client because you know all the necessary measures and protocols will be put into place when your waste is managed.

Frequency of Service

There is nothing as depressing as having a pile of waste stare at you, and you have nowhere to take it. Your hands are tied, and you have to wait for the professionals to come and collect the waste. Ensure that you are given a routine of how they work to collect and deliver bins. This will guarantee an outstanding experience for you at all times.

Types of Bins

Inquire if the company has different types of bins to accommodate the different waste products. Keep in mind that some waste might be toxic and need to be disposed of cautiously for everyone’s safety. Having such wastes will also mean that alternative disposal methods would have to be incorporated since they can be dangerous and poisonous. The bins’ size should also arise so that you are given something able to suit your needs with ease. If the size is not available, you can opt to hire more than one bin if you have a lot of waste.

Most of the companies offering bin hire services are easily found online. They have pictures of the types of bins that they have available. This will help you make an informed decision. You can also check reviews on their website. You can get referrals from people in your neighbourhood or building who are using such services. This will be a great advantage as they will guide you on the kind of services they receive from the companies. If you plan to hire the bin for a long time, you can request a discount from the company you have chosen.

Waste management has become something that the government has taken a special interest in. Make sure you chose the right people for the job to avoid problems with the law. Check out titanskipbins.com.au to help manage all your wastes the right way.

Common DIY Tips for Carpet Repair

The location of a carpet greatly determines the amount of traffic on them. Most carpets are in the living room, and this makes traffic on them inevitable. This makes the carpet prone to issues that require repair. Most times, we find ourselves with the task of having to repair the carpet. However, we tend to call a specialist to come and do the task on our behalf because of a lack of expertise. It is common and quite natural to have spills, spots, stains, wear and tear. It is a sign that people actually live in that house. These are common carpet repairs in Melbourne.

Forget about the traffic and think about having curious kids in the house; every incident and accident becomes a natural part of the household. The best you can do is always being prepared to tackle them effectively. You will experience all sorts of incidents to the point whereby you start questioning your sanity as you wonder how such a thing can happen. However, you need to focus and get to the task at hand. You can rest easy knowing that specialists who conduct carpet repairs Melbourne have heard worse situations than yours.

Nowadays, one can mend most cases easily. It would be best if you were good with DIY techniques. If you don’t trust yourself enough to do a good job, don’t shy off from calling professional carpet repairs to do the task for you. Professionals will do a good job in repairing the carpet for you. If you are looking for simple tips that are inexpensive and do not take a lot of your time, here are some to get started.


If the burns are not too big, you can handle them effectively yourself. Make a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate soda and pour it into the affected area. Let the solution stay on the burn for a while. This will help in lightening up the burn mark on the carpet. If cigarettes caused the burns, you could trim them neatly at the top to get rid of the burnt fibres. You can then use a bristled brush to cover the stain up. You can also cut a piece of the carpet tucked away and fix it in the burnt place. Just make sure you cut out the right size.


Heavy objects might end up denting the carpet, and you will have to straighten it out. You can use a hard bristled brush to give the carpet a thorough brush to loosen up the tufts. You will have to accompany brushing with pulling the tufts in an upward direction, so they can straighten out. One can also use a steam iron to remove dents, but caution is necessary so that you don’t end up burning the carpet instead.

Faded Colour

Depending on why your carpet has lost its colours, you might have to seek professional services. However, if the colour is because of bleach or frequent cleaning, you can use a carpet repair liquid. This is a delicate process, and one must strictly follow the instructions provided to attain good results. One can repeat the process severally depending on how severe the fading is. Dyeing might seem to be a good option, but it is not recommended that you do it yourself. A professional is better equipped to handle the dyeing process.


As a carpet continues to age, it might start to appear fuzzy. This might make it appear older than usual. The loose fibres may also cause accidents as they trip those walking on the carpet. You can easily restore its glory by cutting off the fuzzy and loose fibres. Do it systematically so that you get even results.

These are great tips that should help you better handle such repairs in your home with ease. Everything that you need to conduct them is readily available in nearby stores and at low prices. Please don’t wait until it happens; you can stock up on some of the products right away.

It is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. Invest in having the right tools within reach so that you can get the repair done fast. You can ask professional carpet repairs Melbourne to pop over to your house.